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We're proud of the work we do at Carneil Precision Engineering and we'd like to show you some of it here...

Precision milled components

3 & 4 Axis CNC Milling

These heatsinks for electronic assemblies were milled using a vacuum work-holding plate allowing multiple parts to be machined at once to save cycle time and cost.

The material used is aluminium 6082T6 and alochrom 1200 provides a self healing, corrosion resistant finish.

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Turned stainless steel components

CNC Turning in Stainless Steel

These sensor housings were machined from 316 stainless hexagon stock and once again the process was designed for efficiency and fast turn-around. 

Using the Miyano 4 axis bar-fed lathe this part is machined in one hit.

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Precision milled composites


These coil former mounting plates were milled as an array of 6 from SRBP sheet mounted, again, on a vacuum plate.  The thickness at the bottom of the cutaways is 1.5mm.

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matched aluminium and plastic components

Mixed Materials

These turned plastic and aluminium components together form a work-holding clamp used when etching glasses.  

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Milled aluminium is quicker and cheaper than extrusion n small quantities

Prototypes and Short Runs

Heatsinks like these would often be extruded in aluminium but extrusion is a high volume process with considerable starting costs.  For small batches or prototypes it's often quicker and cheaper to mill from solid.

These components form part of a sealed enclosure so dimensional accuracy is important too.

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And lots more besides...

Truned and threaded steel components

Milled plastic components

Turned plastic components

Vareity of milled and turned metal parts

Variety of metal and plastic components

Milled steel and aluminium components

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